What are the Most Prestigious Neighbourhoods in Calgary

Calgary is home to some of Canada's most prestigious and affluent neighbourhoods.

Understanding where the richest neighbourhoods in Calgary are can be invaluable for those seeking luxury, top-tier amenities, and a high quality of life. 

This blog post will explore the most prestigious neighbourhoods in Calgary, highlighting their unique features, benefits, and what makes them stand out.

In this article, you will learn:
  • The defining characteristics of Calgary's richest neighbourhoods.
  • These neighbourhoods offer essential amenities and lifestyle benefits.
  • Why are these neighbourhoods considered the most prestigious in Calgary?
Let's dive into the luxury and exclusivity of Calgary's top neighbourhoods.

Mount Royal

Mount Royal is often synonymous with luxury and affluence in Calgary. Established as an elite neighbourhood in the early 20th century, Mount Royal boasts historical mansions, tree-lined streets, and a sense of old-world charm combined with modern amenities.

Key Features
  • Historical Significance: Homes in Mount Royal date back to the early 1900s, offering architectural beauty and a glimpse into Calgary's past. The neighbourhood's history is rich, with homes that have housed some of Calgary's most prominent figures.
  • Spacious Properties: The neighbourhood features large lots and spacious homes, providing privacy and exclusivity. Properties here often include expansive gardens, private driveways, and multi-car garages.
  • Central Location: Located just southwest of downtown Calgary, Mount Royal offers easy access to the city's core, making it ideal for professionals and families. Its proximity to business districts, shopping, and dining adds to its appeal.

Lifestyle Benefits

Living in Mount Royal means enjoying a peaceful, residential atmosphere while being close to downtown's hustle and bustle. The neighbourhood is known for its excellent schools, parks, and community services, making it a top choice for affluent families. The prestigious Western Canada High School and numerous private schools make it a desirable location for families prioritizing education.

Aspen Woods

Aspen Woods is a relatively newer neighbourhood than Mount Royal, but it has quickly become one of Calgary's most sought-after addresses. Aspen Woods offers modern luxury and breathtaking natural surroundings in the city's southwest quadrant.

Key Features

  • Modern Homes: Aspen Woods is known for its contemporary, high-end homes and state-of-the-art amenities. Many properties feature cutting-edge architectural designs, smart home technologies, and eco-friendly building materials.
  • Scenic Views: Surrounded by natural beauty, the neighbourhood offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. Residents can enjoy hiking, biking, and nature walks in their backyard.
  • Upscale Shopping and Dining: Aspen Landing, a famous shopping center, provides residents access to premium shops, restaurants, and services. From gourmet grocery stores to boutique fitness centers, everything you need is close by.

Lifestyle Benefits

Aspen Woods appeals to those who appreciate modern luxury and outdoor living. Its proximity to top-rated schools, recreational facilities, and the Canadian Rockies makes it perfect for active, high-net-worth individuals and families. The community is also home to several top private schools, including Calgary Academy and Webber Academy, enhancing its appeal to families seeking quality education.

Elbow Park

Elbow Park is another historic neighbourhood in Calgary known for its beautiful homes and picturesque surroundings. Located along the Elbow River, this neighbourhood offers a tranquil setting with easy access to downtown.

Key Features

  • Riverside Living: Homes in Elbow Park often feature riverfront views and access to scenic walking and biking paths. The Elbow River pathways are perfect for morning jogs or leisurely evening strolls.
  • Architectural Variety: The neighbourhood boasts a mix of historic homes and modern architectural designs, catering to diverse tastes. From Tudor-style mansions to sleek, contemporary houses, Elbow Park offers something for everyone.
  • Community-Oriented: Elbow Park is known for its strong sense of community, with many local events and gatherings. Annual events like the Elbow Park Garden Tour and neighbourhood barbecues foster a tight-knit community spirit.

Lifestyle Benefits

Elbow Park is ideal for those who value a serene, community-focused environment. Its excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities make it a great place for families, while its proximity to downtown suits professionals seeking a peaceful retreat. The proximity to top schools like Elbow Park Elementary and Rideau Park School further adds to its family-friendly appeal.


Britannia is one of Calgary's most exclusive neighbourhoods, offering unparalleled luxury and privacy. Located near the Elbow River, Britannia is known for its elegant homes and top-tier amenities.

Key Features

  • Exclusive Real Estate: Homes in Britannia are often custom-built and feature high-end finishes and designs. This area is known for its architectural excellence and lavish interiors, including features like wine cellars, home theatres, and gourmet kitchens.
  • Private and Secure: The neighbourhood offers security and exclusivity, with many homes on large, private lots. Gated properties and private security are standard, ensuring peace of mind for residents.
  • Proximity to Amenities: Britannia is close to high-end shopping, dining, and recreational facilities, providing residents with convenient access to all necessities. The nearby Britannia Plaza offers boutique shopping, fine dining, and wellness centers.

Lifestyle Benefits

Britannia is perfect for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury living in Calgary. Its quiet, private atmosphere and proximity to urban conveniences make it one of the city's most desirable neighbourhoods. The area's lush, tree-lined streets and beautifully landscaped properties create a serene, park-like environment.

Eagle Ridge

Eagle Ridge is a small, prestigious neighbourhood known for its luxurious homes and natural beauty. It is located near Glenmore Reservoir and offers a unique urban-natural living blend.

Key Features

  • Luxurious Homes: Eagle Ridge features some of Calgary's most impressive homes, many offering expansive views and large lots. These homes are often architectural masterpieces, with bespoke designs and top-of-the-line finishes.
  • Natural Surroundings: The neighbourhood has parks and green spaces, including Heritage Park and the Glenmore Reservoir. Residents can enjoy boating, fishing, and numerous outdoor activities just steps from their homes.
  • Exclusivity: With only a few homes, Eagle Ridge offers high privacy and exclusivity. The limited number of properties ensures a close-knit, exclusive community feel.

Lifestyle Benefits

Eagle Ridge is ideal for those who appreciate natural beauty and luxury. Its proximity to recreational areas and high-end amenities makes it a top choice for affluent individuals seeking a serene yet convenient living environment. The neighbourhood's tranquillity and access to outdoor activities make it perfect for those who value luxury and nature.

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Altadore is one of Calgary's most prestigious neighbourhoods, known for its vibrant community and upscale living. Situated close to the downtown core, Altadore offers a perfect blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquillity.

Key Features

  • Indulge in the Epitome of luxury with Altadore's array of modern and stylish homes. These homes, often characterized by contemporary designs and high-end finishes, are a testament to refined living. Designed to cater to affluent tastes, they provide unparalleled comfort and luxury.
  • Proximity to Elbow River and River Park: The neighbourhood's proximity to the scenic Elbow River and the expansive River Park provides residents with numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. Jogging, biking, and picnicking are popular pastimes thanks to the beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Top Schools: Altadore is home to some of Calgary's top schools, making it an ideal location for families seeking quality education. The presence of excellent educational institutions enhances the neighbourhood's appeal to families.
  • Vibrant Local Amenities: The Marda Loop area is a bustling hub within Altadore, featuring trendy cafes, boutique shops, and fine-dining restaurants. This lively area is a focal point for socializing and entertainment, attracting locals and visitors.

Lifestyle Benefits
Altadore, a place that fosters a strong sense of community, is ideal for those seeking a high quality of life that combines the charm of suburban living with urban convenience. The community spirit is not just strong; it's a way of life, with numerous events and festivals fostering a deep sense of belonging and connection among residents. Its vibrant cultural scene, top-tier schools, and proximity to recreational areas make it a top choice for affluent individuals and families. The neighbourhood's unique blend of tranquillity and convenience offers a lifestyle that caters to relaxation and active living, which is truly yours to embrace.


Bel-Aire is one of Calgary's most exclusive neighbourhoods, known for its elegant homes and serene environment. Located near the Glenmore Reservoir, Bel-Aire offers a luxurious lifestyle with natural beauty and privacy.

Key Features

  • Elegant Homes: Bel-Aire is renowned for its luxurious homes, many of which are custom-built with sophisticated designs and top-quality finishes. These residences often feature large lots, extensive landscaping, and stunning architectural details, providing a sense of grandeur and exclusivity.
  • Proximity to Glenmore Reservoir: The neighbourhood's location near Glenmore Reservoir offers residents easy access to various recreational activities. Boating, fishing, and walking trails are just steps away, allowing for an active and nature-connected lifestyle.
  • Bel-Aire is a haven of exclusivity distinguished by its limited number of properties, which ensure a high level of privacy. The neighbourhood's layout and lush green surroundings further enhance its secluded and peaceful atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a prestigious living environment.
  • Bel-Aire, a sanctuary of tranquillity, is strategically located close to essential amenities. High-end shopping, dining, and entertainment options are within easy reach, offering residents the best of both worlds—a peaceful retreat and a vibrant city life.

Lifestyle Benefits

Bel-Aire is perfect for those who value luxury, privacy, and a connection to nature. The neighbourhood's proximity to the Glenmore Reservoir offers ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, while its elegant homes and exclusive atmosphere provide a prestigious living environment. Ideal for affluent individuals and families, Bel-Aire combines serenity with convenience, making it one of Calgary's most desirable places to live. The neighbourhood's tranquillity, high-end amenities, and recreational options create a unique lifestyle that balances relaxation and sophistication.


Parkdale is a highly sought-after neighbourhood in Calgary, known for its riverside charm and vibrant community atmosphere. Nestled along the Bow River, Parkdale offers scenic beauty and urban convenience.

Key Features

  • Riverside Living: Parkdale's location along the Bow River provides residents with picturesque views and easy access to river pathways. The area's natural beauty enhances the neighbourhood's appeal, making it a desirable place to live.
  • Charming Homes: The Parkdale neighbourhood is a testament to inclusivity, featuring a diverse mix of lovely older homes and modern infills. This variety caters to everyone's taste, from those who appreciate historic character homes to those who prefer contemporary designs, all set in a serene environment.
  • Proximity to Downtown: Parkdale's proximity to downtown Calgary makes it an ideal location for those seeking convenience. Residents can enjoy a short commute to the city center while living in a peaceful residential area.
  • Community-Oriented: Parkdale is not just a neighbourhood; it's a community. It boasts a strong sense of togetherness with active neighbourhood associations, local events, and community gardens. This fosters a warm, welcoming atmosphere that residents truly cherish.

Lifestyle Benefits

Parkdale is perfect for those who appreciate natural beauty and urban living. The neighborhood's riverside location offers abundant outdoor activities, such as walking, biking, and enjoying the scenic pathways along the Bow River. Its charming homes and close-knit community make it an inviting place for families and professionals. With easy access to downtown and a vibrant community spirit, Parkdale provides a balanced lifestyle catering to relaxation and active living, making it one of Calgary's most attractive neighbourhoods.

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Elboya is a prestigious neighbourhood in Calgary renowned for its historic charm and beautiful river views. Located near the Elbow River, Elboya offers a serene living environment with convenient access to urban amenities.

Key Features

  • Historic and Elegant Homes: Elboya combines historic homes and elegant new builds. Many properties feature spacious lots, mature trees, and timeless architectural designs, providing a classic and refined living experience.
  • Proximity to Elbow River: The neighbourhood’s location along the Elbow River offers stunning river views and easy access to scenic walking and biking paths. Residents can enjoy the tranquillity of the river while being close to nature.
  • Top-Rated Schools: Elboya is home to some of Calgary’s top-rated schools, making it an attractive choice for families seeking excellent education options for their children. The presence of quality schools enhances the neighbourhood’s family-friendly appeal.
  • Convenient Amenities: Despite its peaceful setting, Elboya is conveniently close to essential amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities. These amenities provide residents with easy access to everything they need.

Lifestyle Benefits

Elboya is ideal for those who appreciate historic charm and modern convenience. The neighbourhood’s proximity to the Elbow River offers abundant outdoor recreational opportunities, such as walking, jogging, and enjoying the scenic pathways. Its elegant homes and top-rated schools make it a perfect choice for families and professionals seeking a prestigious living environment. Elboya’s serene atmosphere and convenient access to urban amenities create a balanced lifestyle that caters to relaxation and active living, making it one of Calgary’s most desirable neighbourhoods.


Calgary's richest neighbourhoods offer a unique blend of luxury, convenience, and high quality of life.

In this article, you have learned:
  • The defining characteristics of Calgary's wealthiest neighbourhoods include Mount Royal, Aspen Woods, Elbow Park, Britannia, and Eagle Ridge.
  • These neighbourhoods offer essential amenities and lifestyle benefits, such as modern homes, scenic views, and proximity to urban conveniences.
  • Why are these neighbourhoods considered the most prestigious in Calgary, from historical significance to exclusive real estate?

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